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Wally has put everything he's learned in training supervisors for over two decades into his Working Supervisor's Support Kit.

Welcome to Wally Bock's Site on Supervisory Leadership

Welcome to Wally Bock's site devoted to Supervisory Leadership. You should find lots of resources here to help you do a better job, if part of your job is being responsible for the performance of a group. This page will tell you what's on the site. If you just want to know what's new, click here.

There are two ways to find things on this site. You can search the site for specific keywords, using the search engine that's on the right hand navigation bar of every page. Or, you can visit the site map.

Wally thinks that everyone who is responsible for the performance of a group has tasks involving leadership, management, and supervision. Supervision is the part of your job where you talk to people who work for you about their performance. Wally's been studying and teaching about that for more than thirty years.

This site has plenty of articles and book reviews about Supervisory Leadership. There's a section of questions that coaching clients, trainees, working supervisors and media have asked Wally, along with his answers.

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Wally does several different kinds of speaking and training. Here's a list of some of them.

There's a special page for media, too..

If you're responsible for the performance of a group at any level, you should find something here to help you do your job better. Please let me know if there's anything you'd like added to the site, and anything you can think of that will help us make this a better resource.

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