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Creativity in Business

There are lots of books about business. There are probably an equal number about creativity. This book is about creativity in business.

This book is the distillation of the course that Michael Ray and Rochelle Myers taught at the Stanford Graduate School of Business. It is theoretical. It is practical. It is wonderful.

The special delight of this book is the mixing of the theoretical and the research findings with the practical applications. The authors present us with points, then give us stories and examples from the world of business and underpinnings from the world of scientific and psychological research that help explain why the examples work.

If you are looking for a book to give you a quick, simple way to come up with creative ideas in business, though, this ain't it. This is a book that presents you with tools and some understanding of why they work, so that you can apply them in your life and in your business. The key to the book is the title of one of the very first chapters: "Business As Art."

To practice an art, you must be creative. You must go beyond the established norms and rules. But you must also master some craft. This book will give you an introduction to the craft of creativity, an introduction to the ways that you can make your creativity not only more effective, but more powerful as a transformer of your business.

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