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The PIMS Principles

The Profit Impacts of Marketing Strategies (PIMS) Study grew out of a quest for general principles of strategy. The study itself began in 1972 and collected data on over 3,000 business units in 450 corporations for periods ranging from two years to over a decade.

Even twenty years after its original publication, there isn't anything quite like it. Because of the way the material is presented, you can analyze different factors operating for your business. You can look at Picking Profitable Markets or the Impact of Market Position on Profitability or Why Quality is the Premier Driver of Profitability. You can do this by reading the book all the way through from front to back, or by dipping into the chapters that seem to offer you help for a current problem.

A lot of the material in this book is timeless. You'll find data and recommendations that are just as valuable today as when the book was published and that will be valuable ten years from now.

There are problems, though. While some of the research findings may be timeless, the book is still a product of its time. You'll find discussions of "Portfolio Planning" methods, which were in vogue at the time the book was written. You'll find the authors using language and reacting to issues that will sound somewhat dated. Nevertheless, the solid truth and research support that exists in this book makes it worth buying.

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Created/Revised/Reviewed: 24 August 2002


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