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Supervisory Leadership Speeches

Here are Wally Bock's Supervisory Leadership speeches. These can run from 30 minutes or so up to 90 minutes. The most common length is 60 minutes.

Wally's programs can be customized for your organization or industry. They can include both printed and electronic resources that can be bought for all participants, or which participants can purchase on their own.

Over years of doing programs at conferences, conventions, and meetings, we've found that we get maximum impact with a speech or two and a workshop or two, packaged together and customized so that they help achieve your meeting objectives. Click here to get more information about how Wally will work with you to create an excellent program and ongoing results.

Generals Win Battles, But Sergeants Win Wars

Wally's speech about why first-line supervision is probably the single-most important job in your organization or in the organizations in your industry. Your audience members will hear about research from Gallup and others, including Wally, that show us conclusively that the first-line supervisor has the major impact on both worker satisfaction and productivity.

You'll learn what specific skills are important for good supervision and why everyone responsible for a group from the most junior first-line supervisor to the CEO does supervision every day. You'll also learn how supervision relates to management and leadership, and why you need skills for all three.

What Great Leaders DO Differently

The literature on group performance makes you think that people are either leaders or managers. Not true. Everyone responsible for the performance of a group has to perform supervision work, management work, and, yes, leadership work. To understand this best, all we have to do is go to the dictionary. A leader, the dictionary tells us, is, "One who leads."

This fast-moving speech, filled with data and examples, will show the folks in your audience what behaviors go into leading and what behaviors separate great leaders from the rest of the pack. The fact is that great leaders don't outperform the median by a couple of percent. They outperform their average peers by hundreds of percent.

Wally's speeches deliver high quality insights and direction that your people can apply right away, but they are even more effective if you combine them with one or more workshops. A workshop offers the opportunity for more interactive exercises and more concentration on learning skills to apply when folks get back to the office.

Click here for some of the workshops that Wally offers.

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