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Supervisory Leadership Workshops

There are several workshops that can provide an excellent learning experience for critical supervisory leadership skills and a great complement to one of Wally's speeches. Workshops usually run a minimum of an hour up to several hours. They can be made up of several sessions on succeeding days.

Wally's programs can be customized for your organization or industry. They can include both printed and electronic resources that can be bought for all participants, or which participants can purchase on their own.

Over years of doing programs at conferences, conventions, and meetings, we've found that we get maximum impact with a speech or two and a workshop or two, packaged together and customized so that they help achieve your meeting objectives. Click here to get more information about how Wally will work with you to create an excellent program and ongoing results.

Supervisory Leadership Personal Development Plan

The basic workshop for individuals is the Supervisory Leadership Personal Development Plan. Participants will engage in the process of self-assessment and developing a basic development plan to improve their supervisory leadership skills.

How to Develop Quality Supervisory Leadership Training in Your Organization

If you're a meeting planner for an association who is looking at something that will benefit your corporate members, then consider a parallel workshop in How to Develop Quality Supervisory Leadership Training in Your Organization.

In this workshop, we'll do a brief overview of the supervisory leadership training audit tool, and then talk about the different ways that training can be formatted to be most effective. We'll discuss the resources that you can buy and develop so that your training is both effective and cost effective.

So Now You're the Boss: Making the Transition

If you've got lots of new supervisors, then one great workshop might be So Now You're the Boss: Making the Transition. My research indicates that everyone making the transition from individual contributor to group responsibility goes through an adaptation phase that lasts somewhere between one and two years. That entire process is divided into three phases.

This workshop will help new supervisors understand how the process works and how it has worked for other folks, as well as how they can get the most out of it. Trainers for organizations will also learn why basic transition training is one of the things that you can do to assure that your organization has the best supervisory leadership training available.

How to Talk to People Who Work for You About Their Performance

How to Talk to People Who Work for You About Their Performance addresses the tasks that most supervisors find the most difficult. In survey after survey, they tell us that when they sit down to talk with someone to change behavior, they find it difficult and frustrating. This workshop pulls together the best behavioral research that we have, to lay out a step-by-step system for preparing for it, delivering, and following up on a performance interview. It addresses key topics, like How and When to Document, How to Craft Your Supervisory Leadership Communications for Maximum Effectiveness, How to Give Clear Directions, and How to Follow Up.

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