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How can I achieve work/life balance?

The short, brutal answer is that you probably won't. But that doesn't mean you shouldn't wrestle with the issues. Here are some of the realities.

Reality: the problem is not about balancing work and life. It's about balancing different parts of life. Work is a part of life. So is being a spouse, a friend, and a parent. So is caring for yourself and growing.

Reality: you can have it all. But you probably can't have it all at once.

Reality: Life is about trade-offs. If you take time to go to the gym, you can't use that time to shop for groceries. The money you spend on self-development courses will probably affect what you spend on vacation or what you put back for the college fund for your kids. When you're on a business trip, you can't be at the dance recital.

Reality: In today's world, real "balance" is a luxury for those who have significant amounts of discretionary time and money.

Reality: Many workplaces today are not much different than third grade classrooms. You may not need a hall pass to go to the restroom, but you probably need permission to take the afternoon off for a school field trip, or you have to lie about what you're doing and take a sick day.

Reality: Good supervisors can and do find ways to treat their people like adults. In many cases that means allowing them to make choices about time use that can significantly affect balance.


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