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How do I predict or deal with dangerous employees?

Your first line of defense against a dangerous problem employee is your hiring process. You should certainly do a criminal background check. These have become very affordable and, along with a driving records check that will pick up DUI issues, can give you a clue about possible problems.

Since new employees need to fit into the small group in an office, I favor group interviews. This gives you two benefits. First, it's easy to assess fit when the prospective hire is in the midst of folks already on the job. Second, groups provide multiple perspectives and a group wisdom that a lone hiring person can't match.

Once someone is on the job, your only real solution is good supervision. Supervisors that set clear and reasonable expectations and check for feedback, who provide frequent and usable feedback and who document behavior and performance effectively provide you with two things.

First, they provide you with the documentation you'll need if you want to fire someone or go after a temporary restraining order. Second, they provide you with an early warning system that you may have a dangerous problem on your hands.


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