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How do I empower employees?

Empowerment, the "E Word," is a current business buzz word. It's a very consultant kind of word, but it covers a good concept.

Think of the best employee you ever had in your shop. You could give him or her any kind of assignment and be sure it would be done. That great employee came up with good ideas that helped things run better. Wouldn't it be great if everyone who worked for you could be like that?

Part of your job is to help everyone who works for you become a great employee. Not everyone will make it. Some will choose not to develop. But every time you can move an employee closer to that ideal, your life gets easier and you're more likely to make money.

Part of the trick is to start thinking about employee development as part of your job. Then you can follow a simple process that I'll outline in a short column. I'll even share a diagram from my most recent book to illustrate the process. Making your March 31 deadline will be no problem.


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