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How can we keep more of the people we hire?

Keeping new hires from streaming out the back door as fast as you can shovel them in the front door starts with the hiring process. The companies that hire well usually have more rigorous processes than their peers, concentrate on communicating the culture to potential new employees, and involve workers and line managers in the process.

Once you've hired them, you need to bring them into the company in a way that maintains their energy and enthusiasm. That is probably not a process that involves three days of lectures and filling out forms. Processes that connect them with a working team early and that involve mentors or "spirit guides" to the company help, too.

When you talk retention, you have to talk supervision. The supervisor has a powerful impact on whether a person stays with a company. It's been said that people join companies, but they leave supervisors.

Make sure you've got good supervisors throughout the organization. Some supervisors in any company are great with new hires. Make assignments accordingly.


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