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Are Men Better Bosses than Women?

I understand why that's an interesting question but in a company context it is almost criminally dangerous because it diverts attention from two important facts.

First, we don't have enough good bosses of either gender. We mostly pick the wrong people, hardly train them at all, offer them no support and then get surprised when they don't succeed. We need to concentrate on getting more good bosses, regardless of gender before we worry about which gender does better.

Second, we have enough experience with women bosses at all levels from police sergeants and first line supervisors on up to the C-suite to know that gender is not a barrier to being a good boss.

There's much more variation between individual women and between individual men than there is between men and women on performance issues. Trying to answer the question of which group does better leads us over to the slippery slope of choosing bosses based on something other than performance and capacity for growth.


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