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How can I streamline my small business?

There are several ways you can streamline your business.

Streamline your business by eliminating some of the things that you do. Most of us continue to add things to do but don't take the time to figure out if we can eliminate some of the stuff we're doing now.

Streamline your business by making routine things routine. If you have recurring crises, they usually signal the need for a standard procedure. The annual inventory crisis is a common one.

Streamline your business by using technology to handle some things and speed up other things. Computers and software keep getting better and better. Tools like PDAs and wireless phones let us work in more convenient places.

Streamline your business by finding the good ideas that folks share at your industry conventions and in your industry newsletter. Then apply them.

Those four things will take care of the low hanging fruit. After that you need to be more conscious about looking for ways to streamline things. Get a good friend who understands business but doesn't work for you or, preferably, a business like yours.

Walk that person through your business process. At every step explain what you do and why. You're almost certain to find things you can eliminate or do more effectively.


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