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Can you recommend some unique leadership training?

If you were my client, I'd try to steer you away from unique and toward good and effective. American businesses are already the most fad-driven in the world and we often sacrifice training in the basics for the new and novel.

To get good training, you have to define what you mean by "leadership." Leadership is a set of behaviors that influence an organization toward a defined goal. The current state of the organization and the environment, as well as the goal influence what behaviors need developing. And, of course, individuals within an organization will have some variation in needs.

You can divide leadership training into two sets of skills.

Some skills are important for setting the direction for the organization. They involve strategy development, business intelligence, change initiatives and organizational and process design.

Some skills are important for maintaining the thrust and concentration of the organization as it moves toward the goal. They involve communication, hiring, training, disciplining and developing and firing and promoting.

Most American organizations concentrate their efforts, time and money on the first set of skills and on folks toward the top of the organizational chart. They would probably do better if they spent more time training on the second set of skills and sent more of their first line supervisors and middle managers to regular training in them.


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