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Send me a helpful, high quality article that will be valuable to anyone who's responsible for the performance of a group and you'll get two benefits.

First, you'll have your material on an aggressively promoted site. There will be a short bit of recommendation copy attached to your article, as well as a link to your site.

That inbound link will help drive traffic to your site, but you'll get another benefit from it. Single links embedded in copy and the ones that Google values most, so linking from your article on my site back to your site should help you move up in Google rankings.

Here's how it works.

  • Send me your article at
  • I'll review it for audience appropriateness, helpfulness and lucidity.
  • I'll let you know if you article is one I think would enrich my site's audience.
  • If it does, I'll ask you for a short description of you and your business and the site you'd like me to link to.
  • I'll prepare the html code and metatags, place the article on and update the search engine index.

This can be a win for both of us. You get more exposure for your work, a link to your site and support for your overall marketing. I get an article that makes my site better.

If you've got questions, just use the form at the end of this link to ask them.


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